Google answer EU Commission on their accusers on Android.

To say that Android have a big part of the mobile market is a big understatement. That EU Commission accusing the company of abuses and make it more difficult for competitors offering alternative software and services

The accusations have been rejected by the corporation’s Vice President and General Counsel, Kent Walker. Rather than preventing competition, Android has promoted the company, he means.

And continue to explain Android is the most flexible mobile platform available on the market. It helps thousands of manufacturers and operators. Many millions of app developers and more than a billion users.

Kent Walker also means that disturbing the balance would lead to higher prices, slower down the innovation and limited choice and competition.

So what is it EU Commission complaining about?

The root of the allegations is about the conditions and limitations added on the manufacturers who build their products on Google’s software and services. According to the Commission, they are, e.g. prevented from choosing other browsers and search engines, and mean that conditions are seen as completely unjustified.

In short, they are pointing on the apps that are preinstalled. Little of the same that Microsoft got attacked for years ago, that they did not get one easy option to install other browsers.

Android phones come as suspected, with Google search engine, and the ads in this are where the company get most of their money.

Google have now answered the EU Commission.

Today all Android phones coming to Chrome and Google Search engine preinstalled. Regardless the users can choose to delete the apps or use other services.

Google says that this is the reason that makes it possible for Google to distribute the software free and also invest in the platform. And whatever they say it’s a primary source of income for Google

They also say it’s crucial for those who want to be able to modify the software to their needs. And without a standard, there is a significant risk off plenty of versions that are not compatible with each other.

We want to have the service for free, than we complain when the company earn money. I have said that before, what everybody know. But don’t want to admit “Nothing is for free”.