I dont think anybody haven’t miss the name, Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden, has now open up again, and release information how NSA working to encrypt information.

According to the Washington Post, NSA is working on building a quantum computer to be able to crack any type of encryption.

Washington Post has takes note of additional documents from the NSA leak Edward Snowden.

Snowden claims that NSA is building a new supercomputer that can be used to crack any encryption.

Theoretically any encryption can be cracked, but would with normal computers take too long time and would not be practical.

But with help of so-called quantum computers, this will be a much more quicker process.

According to the Washington Post, NSA have a budget of $80 million and the project code-named is Penetrating Hard Target.

But researchers are still divided about how quantum computers really work, but agree that in theory they are a threat to encryption because the large computing power.

So far has nobody managed to build a quantum computer that is stable enough to be used to crack the encryption. We will see if NSA within ther budget on $80 millon will succsed.

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