The whistle-blower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden have released some more documents.

In the last of the documents released by Edward Snowden, he say that the NSA planned to infect millions of computers worldwide with malware. The malicious code would then be used to intercept and remote control of the affected computer.

But this is nothing new, last year Edward Snowden claimed that the NSA has infected over 50,000 networks worldwide with malware. A figure that was expected to rise to 85,000 by the end of 2013.

But what is new is that the NSA have also worked on a program that has been codenamed Turbine. Turbine would, according to Edward Snowden’s documents aim to add malware on millions of computers and networks in order to take control of them.

Turbine consists, according to the document, of an system that centrally can manage all infected computers with malicious code. Then the system can then determine what types of tools need to be installed on individual on computers or networks.

In order to infect users computer. NSA planned to try to redirect Internet users from legitimate websites to websites that are under the NSA’s control. Once on the NSA websites, they could use the vulnerabilities of computers to infect them with malicious code.

Whether the NSA has used Turbine in practice is so far, unknown.