68 million Dropbox passwords has been stolen.

For some time ago Dropbox admitted that they were hacked for 4 years ago.

Yes, you read right, 4 years ago, and it have taken Dropbox all this to find out, and inform us.

First they let us know that it was not that serious but we should change the password anyway.

But for few days ago we learned the extent of this 4-year-old hack. 68 million stolen login information have the hacker come over.

Around 32 million login details are encrypted with “bcrypt” that it’s very difficult to crack.

But the rest, around 36 million are protected with an outdated method “SHA1“, which are often easy to crack.

Dropbox say, that all user that’s on the list have got their password reset, and will be force to reset the password, before they can login again.

So how can you protect yourself?

First… You should Change your passwords regularly, on all your online accounts.

Second… And properly the most important of all, do never use the password on more than one account.

Is not very difficult to find out what and where you have been on the web.

But none of the above will help you if you use a simple password, and many does.

The most common password that are used is “1234562”, “password” or “123456789, and then we have name of husband/wife/kids or their animal. All things you write about on Facebook.

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Strong password is…

At least 12 character, and a combination of letters, both lowercase and uppercase, number and signs.

And do not combination it with words or name, e.g. John.Doe-68.

So how can you keep control on all your different passwords?

If you like me working on web, is not unusual if you have 100+ account, but if not, I would say that you still have more then you thought.

Your email, Facebook, bank. There is 3, and that’s enough to get it difficult to remember user, and password.

And if you then change regularly it will not take long time before you have lost track of your login details.

The easiest way, is to use a password manger. Then you only need to keep track of one “strong” password.

I by myself using LastPass, it’s free. Or you pay $12 a year to get Unlimited sync across all mobile & desktop devices you use.