If you need a cloud driver…
Amazon Cloud Drive is the one you should have

Amazon Cloud Drive or DropBox? That was one question from one of my clients.
Me; Amazon.
Client; Seams good, but I like the possibility to give a private file link.
Me; You can easily do that with Amazon Cloud Drive also.

DropBox is good, but my opinion is that it should not be used as one external hard drive (in the cloud).

So why don’t use DropBox?

To start with, Amazon Cloud Drive is cheaper than DropBox. DropBox cost $99,90 for a year, and for that you get 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space. Amazon Cloud Drive cost $59,90 for a year, but with unlimited space.

So for the price, and of course of the unlimited space make this to the clear choice. But it also easier to use if you work with the file all the time. When it comes to DropBox, you can’t drag and drop the files.

That means every time you want to work with a file; you need to copy it to your local hard drive. The same goes for if you want to keep it on your local disk and upload it also.

What can Amazon Cloud Drive do?

There are two different packages. One where you can upload/save any files, and one where you only can save videos and jpeg

When you get your account, it’s like an empty drive. You self-create catalogues and sub-catalogs, however, it suits you.

And then it’s time to upload your files. Amazon Drive has their desktop app that working very well. And of course, you can use the web, and simple drag and drop any file/s to your catalogue.Amazon Cloud Drive mobile App

If you use your mobile for photos, then you have another reason to go with this service. There is a mobile app for both iPhones and Android. This app can be connected, so all your photos and videos automatic will upload to the cloud.

If you only need a cloud service for photos, videos and music. There is even a cheaper version. For $11,99 / year, and this gives you unlimited storage for pictures and 5 GB for videos and music.

I use Amazon Cloud Drive in my work.

In my daily work, this cloud service is important. The system can create multiple catalogues, which make it perfect for to keep clients work separated.

When my job is done, I can zip all files, create a unique download link for this file, and share with the customer. The customer get all the files, and I still keep a backup on my drive

If you still thinking to go with DropBox, click here.
But if you want unlimited space for almost half the price, click here.