Cloudflare is a global network that claims to protect millions of websites and speed them up. It plays the role of a reverse proxy for sites. This way it keeps websites safe from DDoS attacks. By caching the website files in a content delivery network CDN, Cloudflare helps your website to load faster. All these sound good but user privacy is one of the many issues that make Cloudflare unfit. There are many reasons why you should not use Cloudflare than why you should use it. Here are some of them.

Tracking users

Did you know that there is nothing private you can do with your computer when you have Cloudflare installed?

Well…. This is very true because it tracks every action across the world wide web taken by its users. The fact that numerous websites use Cloudflare makes it easy for them to track you. Whichever site you visit and whichever post you post anywhere on the web, Cloudflare will know it is you.

Cloudflare Spying on users

Yes! Cloudflare is excellent at this because it plays the role of a reverse proxy. Therefore, you are not entitled to privacy or confidentiality when using it. Whatever you or your users do with your computer/network is not secret.

Free SSL is not genuine

You should not trust the free SSL certificate. This is because it is not genuine in the fact that it will only encrypt connections from visitors to Cloudflare and not connections from Cloudflare to your server. Therefore, you can use a self-signed certificate, but this network will decrypt your traffic and encrypt it all over again.

Some countries will lock you out

Recently countries have started blocking torrent websites. IP addresses at ISP level are being blocked to prevent people from downloading content free of charge. This way, lots of websites using the system are being blocked from accessing internet in some countries. When using the system, your website might be sharing an IP address with other sites which are blocked in some countries. Therefore, your website cannot be accessed from such countries as well.

Unreadable captchas

The system requires your users to verify their human identity with a captcha especially when their IP addresses appear to be fraudulent. That is not wrong, but the captchas are mostly unreadable. This happens mostly to individuals who have disabled Javascript. It also happens to people who share the same IP address like VPN, Tor or university networks. Visually impaired users are locked out when captchas are applied.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should not use Cloudflare. With it, you also increase the chances of an outage instead of reducing it. The shortcomings of this network are way too many than the advantages it brings to your site. It is not, therefore, advisable to use it, if it does more harm than good.