Five things that will get you on Googles SEO Blacklist.

SEO (Search Engine Optimize) is by far the most important thing for any owner of a web-page, or at least should be. But how good SEO is done, have changed over the years. And the things that worked for some years ago will quickly put you on Googles SEO Blacklist.

That is why it’s essential to follow up on changes from Google. Because what would put you on the first page in Google Search now, can tomorrow crash your SEO!

And this is right; Google needs to do everything they can to punish the sites that spammers. That’s why Google makes changes to their algorithms all the times.

So what should you do to not come on Googles SEO Blacklist? Below I have listed some things you should not do. Be careful, do not overuse, comment sense and follow up on Googles all changes, so you are inside the frame.

1. Don’t have Broken links.

It’s something that you don’t need to be any SEO expert to sort out. And I use to say that anybody that comes on Googles SEO Blacklist for this is only lazy. Almost all CMS have plugin/add-ons that can check this, and give you a list of broken links. And this is something you should sort directly.

2. Link Directories god or bad?

It could be good, but it depends on the neighborhood of the Link Directories. The easy way to explain this is; If your links are coming from trusted and high-value sites, it’s beneficial for you. But these link directories often have lots of “junky” sites, and that will not be good for your part.

Anybody can upload their website, so it’s a significant risk you ending up in a so-called “bad neighborhood”. So my recommendation is simple, ignore the use of link directories.

3. Don’t ever buy links?

Never believe anyone that says for they will give X amount links and you will be on the first page in no time. You can not come to the first page of Google Search by using only links, and particular, not links that are provided by “bluff-company.”

The links you buy will without any doubt be from spam sites, other sites with bad or in some case, really poor reputation and social network accounts.

You may have heard someone you know and trust that they climbed on Google Search. And it can happen in the beginning. But sooner or later Google will get you, and to repair it after that will be far much work then adding some spam links.

4. keyword stuffing.

To explain what keyword stuffing is; In short, you fill your post or page with a specific word and hope that Google will pick it up. And yes, Google will pick it up, and put you on their SEO Blacklist.

Even if Google has lower the importance of keywords, it does not mean you can overuse it. I use to say that done have the keyword more than once per 100-150 words.

5. Don’t spin your articles.

“Spin articles” is when you rewrite your article multiple time with small adjustments. Then you upload this to different websites.

Google’s algorithm gets more and more intelligent for every update. And today the algorithm doesn’t have any problem to find similar articles, and the articles are connected with links, Google sees it as spamming, and you get punished for that.