Do you plan to buy a new iPhone?

Then mayby you should wait. There are romus that Apple soon will come out with new iPhones modells, such like iPhone 6S and Ipad 7 or Air 3 will be launched soon.

Apple has been very successful with their latest smartphones. It´s not more than a couple of months ago that iPhone 6 and & 6 Plus was released, and with this two models, Apple has sailed up the throne as the 2014 best-selling technology gadget… Again

We are all use to rumors regarding Apple and their products. And as always when a rumors like this when it’s like this “far” ahead of time then we should mayby don’t take it to serius. But according to new data the year 2015 will bring a paradigm shift for Apple. And this is because for the first time they will release several different phones. And that’s so son after a big releas as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Another rumers is coming from Knowyourmobile. That Apple also has plans to launch a smaller 4-inch device. For those who do not really like the bigger phones. But that’s just the beginning. According to another sources of MailOnline say it may be that we will see, not just one, but two generations updates to the iPhone, an Iphone 6S and an Iphone 7 – during the same calendar year.

According to rumors, will the first, model iPhone s6, launched together with the smart watch Apple Watch. Sometime in the first half of the year. And in the third quarter, what has been “normal” of iPhones releases, will the “seventh” be released.

The reason is, not surprisingly, that Apple wants to maximize sales without having to do any too large and costly updates. A little upspiced 6S in the spring and then a new flagship in the fall.

BUT… As I wrote earlier in this article. This is rumors, nothing is confirmed, so don’t take this information to serius, atleast not until we begin to see more “evidence”.