Divi is a WordPress theme, that has grown to one of the most used themes since it arrived in 2013.

I do not know how many sites are using Divi today. But according to the theme provider Elegant Themes, they have 600,000+ users. And it is today many web developer that is using it, my self has over 60 pages live with this theme.

Divi is THE page builder, and since version 4.0 it should be called Theme builder. With introductions of the Theme Builder, Divi has been, my opinion THE theme to use.

Today it has grown to one of the most used them on the web, and I’m not surprised. You can find lots of groups and communities that are for Divi-user. And of course, other plugins working fine without any conflicts. Many sites are now specialized in selling plugin for just this theme, and they would not exists if there wasn’t a market for it.

So why did I start using Divi?

I was for a long time against all kind of website builders; I was the old school, “you build your site, everything else is cheating”. But a friend that has talked himself very warm about it convince me to at least give it a try.

After a short time in the builder, I started to get interested, and I could start to see how many benefits the builder have. At this time it was version 2.3, and it was far away from where the team at ElegamtThems have done with the theme up till today.

After one week, I went on ElegantThems web site and bought a lifetime licence, and as they say, “the rest is history”. Today I have don 70+ web sites with Divi.

Is Divi for me?

Black Friday Deals on THE WordPress Theme DIVI

For a web developer, I should say YES. For developer is a fantastic tool. Today we save lot’s of time with Divi, today, about 75-80% we can do with Divi, the rest is we code.

For the private person, without any coding skills, the answer is also YES. Instead, to look after them, that can do your header as you want. Only to find out that the body or footer is not what you wish for, Dive could probably sort all part to your satisfaction.

Black Friday Deals?

Almost everyone has deals for Black Friday, and so have ElegantThems. The Black Friday sale at ElegantThemes will start Friday, November 29th at exactly 12:00 AM UTC-6. And on their site, they announce not only up to 75% discounts on their products, but you can also win the new Mac Pro that has a price on $6000+