There is a perception that both WHM and cPanel are the same products which are to some extent true or false. There exist some essential differences between WHM and cPanel. The two have the same software, but the interface is different.

What is a WHM or Web Host Manager?

Also known as web host manage, it is an application that permits an individual to manage many different cPanel interfaces, and it’s used as a framework that is used to work with any cPanel.

What about the cPanel?

It refers to a control panel which is used to manage hosting accounts more efficiently and in a short period. It is a Linux-based application which makes it easier to host accounts.

Difference between WHM and cPanel – WHM vs cPanel

cPanel helps one to edit files, setup databases and in creating email addresses among other uses and hosting companies prefer to provide cPanel control panel as it comprises diverse applications.

The characteristic difference between cPanel and WHM is that cPanel is the control panel for one’s website while WHM is the control panel for one’s hosting accounts that are used to administer the server. One can create and manage cPanel accounts in WHM, and this product is available only on VPS and dedicated hosting.

With WHM, you are capable of a lot; adding domains to your server, you can manage to host features and create individual accounts and also adjusting and restricting the limit for any personally owned accounts.

Usually, one cPanel is created for each new domain that an individual creates in WHM automatically. For instance in case you are adding like let’s say five domains to a server with the use of WHM, note that for each domain, a cPanel is created.

Knowing who should use them

Is known that any severe web host will need WHM as one of their services as it makes security between different websites to be more manageable and organising different sites becomes more leisurely. The only downside of WHM is mainly its costs.

Those people that have few needs should be capable of thriving and live with cPanel. For the web hosting and design agencies that need more than cPanel will choose WHM as they have minimal downsides.

Website management is made easier by cPanel, but WHM does make cPanel management easier. The only factor that is depended upon is the requirements of the client. cPanel is extensible and cost-effective, but there are a lot of security advantages with WHM.

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