Deleted Google ads have increased every year, for some time now!

But, last year there was a trend break, and the number fell by 28 per cent compared to 2017. The amount of deleted ads still reaches a terrifying number. The Year 2017 Google removed 3.2 billion compared to the year 2018 when the “only” erased 2.3 billion.

The selected ads that are removed are ads that violate Google’s advertising policy or/and include such as ads, phishing and malware. This has been applied to both single ads and more coordinated advertisements.

So why have the Deleted ads start to decrease now?

Does it mean that this type of ads has become fewer?
There is a couple of reason for this. According to Google now many of the Google ads are removed before people are deceived. Last year Google’s coordinated efforts were made to go after the bad players, not just the actual ads.

Another reason is that Google has started using machine learning to identify and terminate at least one million ad accounts that have rogue senders; this is about twice as many as 2017. To fight those who post ads mean you eliminate at the same time many ads.

Google has also improved its tool for detecting bad ads and combine with machine learning and manual review. And start collaborates with cybersecurity company White Ops, FBI and others in the industry to reveal and stop a major international ad fraud.

So will we finally see an end to this problem?

No, we will not, as long some people can get some profit from this it will not stop. We can only hope that Google is better and better to detect and remove bad ads. And that people are more careful and think before they are clicking on links, ads or visiting suspected web pages.