Many companies are careless about their data security…

When a company’s information grow, then the risks also grow, still many companies do not take data security very seriously.

Key to success is… Information.

Today company save lots of information on their customers behave online.

This information can be invaluable for companies if it is used correctly. The downside of this is that this information are also an attractive information for so-called cyber-criminals.

Companies must begin to take data security seriously

But unfortunately it seems that the majority of companies have not understood the serious with the data security.

Many companies have had their systems hacked, and the criminals have come over customer data from the company.

This is not only due to the criminal becomes more and more sophisticated, many companies simply do not realize what it takes to protect their information.

Or even worse, they see IT security as an unnecessary expense, and that it is a scary thought.

The hunt for information together with unwillingness or don’t know how to protect it is a dangerous combination for both companies and their clients.

And nobody can’t argue that they do not know the risks online.

The fact is that most companies expect to suffer from cyber attacks.

A recent survey shows that 75 percent of IT decision-makers expect to suffer a cyber attack within the next three months.

In same time, it is only 40 percent of companies that have IT security as a priority for the company.

So who is responsible.

One in four of people that are IT responsible for the companys means that it’s the company management that are responsible.

But this is not 100% right, if you are IT responsible for a company, it’s your job to get the management to understand the risk.

This is many time not easy, and if the management have a low knowledge in IT, it can be next to impossible.

It is perhaps, therefore a third of IT managers they deliberately fail to report data breaches to management.

IT security today is critical to the business’s existence – a data leak with sensitive customer data can have devastating consequences for a company in the form of lost business, damaged reputation and even legal consequences.

So to point out who is to blame… Its difficult, but one thing is for sure… We need to take this more serious than we do today