The hackers that doing Cyber Crime are becoming less amateurish and more as a company owner.

Cyber Criminals are working more as entrepreneurial to exploit vulnerabilities to perform more sophisticated and massive attacks. According to the report from Cisco, it would take a million security technologies throughout the world, to meet the security needs as result of the increasingly attacks.

The attacks are getting bigger, more voluminous and more sophisticated methods, both technically and find ways in to any apps, social media and companys networking. The report, which is the sixth in a series from Cisco, shows that more and more cyber criminals turned themselves into ecosystem of actors who collaborate and utilize services.

The conclusion is that cyber criminals operate likes regular companies with business goals, some of them even have their own customer support function. In the center there are different tools for this available, both free – as paid versions on the black market. And they are well-developed methods for accessing passwords, and to identify and exploit weaknesses of individuals, businesses and the public sector.

The primary interest of many cyber criminals are not harming the targets or to take down sites and systems. Instead the goal is purely commercial, to make money and to be as invisible as possible.

On computer the attack come mainly (91%) from vulnerabilities in Java. On mobiles its not so suprising that Android is the most attacked OS with 99 percent of all attacks.