Each computer nerds savior is Ctrl Alt Del

Ctrl Alt Del is probably the most famous keyboard shortcut – and it was a mistake. According to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, And Gates blame it on IBM.

1975, when IBM created the basic code for the computers that later was fitted with Microsoft Windows, could the two companies not agree on the shortcut that have saved lots of users from blue screens and technology-panic.

When Bill Gates were speaking at a charity event at Harvard he accused IBM for creating the long shortcut. Bill Gates wanted a button, but the engineer David Bradley who made IBM keyboard design, did not agree.

The shortcut was initially “Ctrl Alt Esc”, but was changed by David Bradley at IBM. That after David realized that the command could be pressed by mistake with one hand.

David Bradley was one of twelve engineers who coded the IBM PC first basic code. Including the super command to restart the computer. The second now historic command was impossible to push with one hand on IBM’s original keyboard.

David Bradley, has said in interview that he had to take the honor, for inventing the shortcut but also says that it was Bll Gates that made it famous.