Will Creators Update finally get companies to move over till Windows 10

Microsoft have had big problem to attract many companies to move over till Windows 10. Many are still on Windows 7, and don’t have any plans to change in the closer time. But next year, an update of Windows 10, called the Creators Update. And will have focus on company, with more business functions.

The question is if this will finally get many of the companies change their opinion, and start to upgrade their system.

So what will Creators Update give us?

The biggest improvements/news will be focus on enhanced security features. The Security tool Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection should for example be able to detect intrusion thru the memory and the kernel.

Other interesting news for businesses is an improved management of mobile users. One example is to provide remote access to documents, without the ability to erase all data on the PC where the documents are stored. Administrators will also be able to lock access to specific files. And to set passwords for individual files.

The most discussed and hard comments against Windows 10, is all the information about the users that are collected the background and then sent over to Microsoft.

Creators Update, will as earlier version, collect information in the background about the users. But the different in Creaters Update will be that some of this information will be available to administrators for Windows Analytics. The idea is that administrators will be able to see an anonymous profile of the users in their own company.

Microsoft have still not give any release date on Creators Update. But many thinks it will come under the first half of 2017

So, will this get the companies to update?

No I do not think so… For many companies is not a small thing to do update of any software in the company. And when it comes to the operative system it’s a huge, and very expensive work.

Many means that Windows 7 still working good, and Microsoft gives support on this till January 2020.