That people are still using Microsoft IE 6 browser, is beyond me understanding…

The reasoning that IE 6 still works, does not make any seance. There is not any program that can understand that.

Internet Explorer 6 is not as stable and fast as the new ones, so what is it then the reasons to keep this browser?.

Overall, it is still 12% who use IE 6, China is still big with the 34.5% that using ver.6. This is followed by South Korea, with 24.8%, Taiwan at 10.7%.

But countries such as Japan (10.3%), United Kingdom (3.5%) and USA (2.9%) still have users.

Of all countries, it is the Scandinavian countries with the least coverage for this browser, Norway (0.7%), Finland (0.9%), Sweden (1.3%) and Denmark (1.6%)

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