Microsofts new digital assistant, Cortana is really good.

Microsoft has now shown up its voice activated personal digital assistant Cortana at the Build conference in San Francisco.

Cortana is supposed to be a competition to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Cortana is now available as beta and as a part of the Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft’s latest operating system for smart phones and is integrated with the search engine Bing.

The goal of Microsoft personal digital assistant is to make the operating system for Windows Phone a stronger competitor to Apple’s operating system iOS and Android.

Joe Belfiore, Director of Windows Phone group at Microsoft, said on the demonstration that the assistant is a complete digital assistant.

The idea is that Bing features will eventually replace the separate search function in Windows Phone. When new information becomes available via Contana, the application can be used to make personalized recommendations and suggestions.

For example… The user can ask the assistant to make a phone call, add or delete calendar entries, and retrieve information such as flight times, alarm, and through interaction with third-party applications like Facebook.