Copyswede has again got their demands on the so-called tape tax, or hard drive fee.

Patent and market are going on the line of Copyswede. And the court has now ruled that Samsung must pay private copying fee for laptops and tablets.

Copyswede is a Swedish copyright organization and their task is to get paid for all kind of electronics storage devices. They representing 14 different member organizations of copyright owners in Sweden. If you want to read more about this organization, click here

The dispute between Samsung and Copyswede has been going on since 2013. It was then copyright organization began demanding compensation for all devices with storage memory. That is, on PCs, tablets, mobiles, music-players and external hard drives. The companies had to rapport how many units they have sold, and then they need to pay the fee to the organization.

Most of the companies agreed to pay the fee, but Samsung refused. And they got sued in July 2014. The District Court of Solna gave Copyswede right. And Samsung will now be forced to pay for units sold since 2013.

Samsung has commented on the verdict, saying that they will be analyzing the judgment carefully and then decide what the judgment means. How convincing the Court’s arguments are. But this will not lead anywhere, as the verdict, is also confirmed by Supreme Court

So why do I think that Copyswede is a joke…

Somebody need to pay this fee, and its not the company that do this. It is something that will be put on the price for any device with storage.

This is mean to give authors of copyright material they rightfully money. So far I agree, nobody wants to work for free, and any kind of artist should get paid for their contents.

But for companies that don’t use their devices for only company stuff?
Or for people like me… I only have licenses software on my computer. My files on the computer is created on Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, photo I have taken by myself, and some stock images that I have bought for some designee.

So, why should I or any companies that don’t use our computer with any copyright content, pay this fee?

There are for sure many other users that use computer in a way that they should not pay either.

Back to the people that create copyright material!!!

Should they don’t get paid for the things? As I wrote before, of course, nobody want to work for free. And this is what Copyswedes try to do. But most of the money goes to pay for the organization, and that make it even worse.

For us that have been around some time, for sure remember Napster. This was the first public way to share music illegal.

When various government’s started to hunt the site and want to close it. I was one of many that said it would be a mistake, as they will lose control over it. And that’s exactly what have happen.

So now we instead need to pay lots of money to one organizations. And of all this money, peanuts go to the authors.