Are our copyright laws outdated?

Many people mean that we need to look over the copyright laws, and the latest internet company that have ask for a change, is Mozilla Foundation.

Mozilla have now started a petition in protest against European Union laws as they call Absurd, outdated and unfair.

The rules, which are the subject of Mozilla’s complains, are to stop artists and coders from creating content online.

The framework was developed for a different time and collides with how we live our lives today, according to Mozilla.

So how will we handle copyright laws today?

Many goes around with smartphones with cameras, and many times, they are better than the pocket cameras.

In France, you need to have the artist’s permission to take pictures of public artwork.

But In Germany and Great Britannia is only to snap the picture on any artwork.

And with the picture in your phone, and always connected to the web, how should this be controlled?

Mozilla say that European Union, need to look over their copyright laws, and mean that we are in the 21st century.

Mozilla believes that images and other copyrighted materials used in the school, in parodies and analyzes shall be exempt in the new rules.

The problem with copyright is already under review in the union because of the ambition of a single digital market.

But so far it has been more focused on streaming services and the hunt on piracy.

In the same time voices have been raised about licensing fees and restrictions on how to link to already published material.

Also rules on surveillance has been requested.

This is something that Mozilla don’t like.

And they mean that instead of modernizing the law, they believe that such action would create walls and gate-keepers.

The only thing that’s for sure, we have not heard the last in this. And the question is if we ever will find a way that will please everybody.

Not ererything is copyright protected on the web, for exempel images on Google Images you can find free copyright images, by follow this steps:

  1. Search for images using keywords as usual.
  2. When results are returned click “Search Tools”
  3. Choose “Usage Rights”. Select an option from the dropdown menu.