Congratulation World Wide Web

World Wide Web more known as www. Had birthday yesterday.

Yesterday World Wide Web was celebrating 25 years. But internet is actually much older than 25.

Internet has its roots from late 1960, and was first called Arpanet

At the time, Many was afraid for a nuclear war. And US Military wanted to develop a way to communicate after a possible attack,

In the middle of 70:th the manage to get four different computers at four different geographical locations to communicate with each other.

1990 Arpanet was taken down. And the more technologically advanced Internet took over the communication.

This was unknown to the general public, as at this time the system was only available for military and scientists.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, who worked as a programmer at the nuclear research organization CERN in Switzerland. Present the project World Wide Web.

So why do we celebrate “only” 25 years

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, also called “Father of Internet” made it available to the general public first 2 years after… Exact on the 6:th of August 1991, and that was 25 years ago.

Tim Berners-Lee with many people could never imagine the impact it would have on us, 25 years later.

Today there are about three billion users worldwide today.

Since then there has been many changes to what was originally intended to serve as a sort of intranet to facilitate communication between researchers.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee, was interviewed in 2014, and got the question, what was the most surprising with the form Internet has taken.

The little ironic answer was… – Kittens.

And was referring to the explosion of cute cat videos and pictures that completely has taken over the internet in the last years.

Even if he in a later interviewed had pointed out that he does not agree with those who say that there is too much trash on the web.

Tim Berners-Lee, are today working against the monitor of the Web.

Which he sees as a threat to democracy, and men that people around the world need to be constantly vigilant and aware of the danger.