If you don’t need a powerful computer don’t buy one.

I have often heard that I want to have one computer that last me for many years. That is the biggest mistake. Computer will not work for ever, it breaks.

When you buy a computer, you should have in mind, that this will last you for between 5-8 years max. After that you will need to start replacing things.

And when your motherboard goes, you normally would add little extra money to buy a new machine instead.

Motherboard is not expensive, but if you don’t know how to build a computer, you need to leave it in and that will cost.

Desktop, Laptop or a tablet

If there are not any special reason. Always by a desktop. You get so much more for the money. It’s also much easier, and cheaper if you want to add or replace any hardware.

Still many prefer laptops. But if you don’t goanna use your computer external, there is absolutely no reason for a laptop.

And then we have thus that say… Yes, but I would have possibility to check my mail and navigate in the sofa on the evenings.

You still should look on a desktop, as the price are so much cheaper, so its probably will be money over for a tablet also.

So what about Tablets then. Depending what you will use it for. If you one of this many people that need access to google, your bank and your mail. Yes then a tablet is enough.

Windows, Mac or Linux.

Almost all computers are today coming with operative system installed. If you don’t build your machine by yourself. Myself I are using all system, because I need it in my work. But most of the users don’t need more than one.

Windows is the most comment one. Many mean that windows not are good and you should go with a Mac instead. But in the end is all coming down to what you need your computer for.

I work mainly on my iMac, and prefer it in front of Windows. But if you don’t work with designs, sound or video. There is not any technical reason to use Mac.

Mac is outstanding when it comes to designs, sound or video. Even if I often hear from Windows user that it’s the same. The ironic is, that often this people have Windows, and have never worked on a Mac.

So what about Linux… Its free and you can use it on almost all machines (even macs). Linux is good, and probably the most stable of the tree.

But, even if it’s have been much better since I start to use it (10 years ago) is still not enough user-friendly. Its small things but still.

This is mainly used for building network, or use it as a firewall. These things can also be done with Windows or/and Mac. But with Linux is easier and much more powerful.

Finely, how much money should I spend?

The reason I don’t recommend Mac to anybody that don’t work with designs, sound or video. It’s easy, Mac is expensive. For e.g. one iMac are almost double price if you looking to specs, compare with a Windows machine.

The screen is fantastic, but for the kind of money you need to pay… You get a VERY good screen on a windows machine. It’s not only the machine, to upgrade your RAM, again you need to pay almost the double.

I use to say. As long you not gonna use your computer for anything special. For example, gaming with heave graphic. Buy the cheapest one, and if you have more money to spend. Buy something extra, such as printer, webcam or maybe bigger screen.