There is a lot more to good web design than what meets the eye.

Aesthetically pleasing appearance is just one of the major factors that determine the success of a website. In other words, there are numerous factors that affect website usability apart from the form (appealing appearance). Functionality (ease of use) is one of these major factors that determine the website success.

Efficient web design can only be judged by website users as opposed to website owners. If users cannot use a certain feature on the website, it might as well be better off absent. Therefore, a user-centric design is the standard approach for profit-oriented and successful web design. Below are some of the components of good web design.


This is how easy or simple it is for users to move around your website and take action. Some effective navigation tactics include using bread crumbs, a logical page hierarchy, following the three click rule and designing clickable buttons. The three click rule means that users are capable of finding the information they are in search of within three clicks.

Visual hierarchy

Eye tracking studies have concluded that web users scan computer screens. That means that people usually see the top of the screen and the left side of the screen. Therefore, your website should work with the natural behavior of a reader rather than trying to force the visual flow of the viewer. Display your information in the order of importance (top to bottom and left to right).

Honest, engaging and respectful

Social media has greatly impacted communication, both spoken and written. Web users love being engaged in a human way. Multinational corporations, for example, use a human face in all they do. Every headline, phrase or word should be respectful, have engaging quality and honest. That makes everything intriguing because readers love honesty and they appreciate it.

Timeless load time

Web users are very impatient, and therefore, they need instant gratification. They hate websites that take an eternity to load. If you are experiencing speed issues with your website, conversation rates will be an issue too. To remedy this, combine code into JavaScript file or central CSS to reduce HTTP request, optimize image sizes (size and scale), minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to speed the load time.

Other components of good web design include;

  • Mobile friendly
  • Cohesive design that is down to details
  • Designed for both functionality and usability
  • Innovative but not distracting
  • Simple – less is more

By keeping the above components in mind, it is simple to come up with a functional and beautiful website. If you need to improve your website or you are planning to create one, the above information will be beneficial to ensure high conversion rates. With them, your website will be more useful, memorable and engaging to visitors. Cheers!!!

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