CMS (content management system).

There is nothing right or wrong, it’s simple what CMS is best for just your webpage.

The tree CMS I will talk about, is, Drupal, released 2001, WordPress, released 2003 and Joomla, released 2005. And all are free to use.

I personally is a WordPress fan, this CMS is also the absolute biggest one. That’s is for a couple of reason. There are none of the other one that can compare with rhe amount of themes and plugin available for WordPress.

Another benefit is that is very simple to work with, and it make its simple to leave over to clients when its ready.

Here is a quick overview of the tree CMS.


This is the best choice for beginners, it’s have a relative low learning curve, lots of themes, and it’s easy to get it working as you want with help of all of the plugin that’s are available.


This is the most powerful, and most configurable of all CMS, but is also the most difficult. But with this system its requires a quite high understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP, and is nothing I recommend to leave over to clients.


Normally recommended for ecommerce and social networking websites, this is not really fair, as today many ecommerce is done in WordPress and working perfectly. To work with Joomla, you require a basic understanding in technical skills.

So how should you choose?

If you ask someone “professional”, that will not help you, everyone will say that the CMS they work with is the best. The fact is that all three are very good choices, at least in the most cases.

First, and this is important, if you don’t feel you are on a Technical level with HTML, CSS and PHP, you should forget Drupal direct.

That’s leave us with WordPress and Joomla, and then I would say that all the time, WordPress. I can honestly say that is nothing Joomla can do that WordPress can’t, and with amount of available themes and plugin for WordPress it the best solution.

So if you have chosen wrong…
Can you Migrate between the CSM?

Yes, you can. And it’s also relatively easy to do. Only make sure you have you have enough time and expertise. And of course, as always do backup first.

If you don’t have softaculous or any other direct-install on your server/hosting, use the links under to download them.

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