All Third Part Extensions will be gone from Google Sore

Google has now announced that the their browser face a drastic change in terms of third part extensions in Chrome.

Starting with version 33 of Chrome, will all external addons be blocked. This will only applies to the Windows version of Chrome.

In a post on the Google website the company writes the following: “Users can only install extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, except for enterprise installations, or if the browser is running in developer mode”.

External add-ons that were installed previously, and not from the Chrome Web Store, will be blocked from Chrome 33, and users will not be able to activate them again unless the browser is running as an enterprise installation or in developer mode.

The reason for Google’s channges, is clearly to protect users from malware that may be spread in extensions from as called, bad developers.

Chrome 33 is expected to be released in late February or early March.