China is concerns about eavesdropping and have led to they started to developer of a new operating system that is supposed to be an alternative to Windows and Android.

The name is Cos (China Operating System). an the company thats developer this call SLNCT (Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology), thie system is mainly thought to compete with Android and Windows on the Chinese market.

The company is working with the Chinese government to develop the operating system that should work on PCs, phones, tablets, and televisions. However, it will proberly take a while before the operating system might be released as a finished product.

There has been very little details from but its say that will support HTML5 and be able to run over 100,000 apps. It is not clear what kind of apps it comes .

This is not the first time China tries to create a new operating system. All previous attempts have not resulted in any significant use. For the moment Android dominates Android in mobil phones and Windows on computers.

Slnct says it will try to make an agreement with hardware manufacturers such as Huawei Technologies and Lenovo to create an ecosystem around the new OS. The company has added that it will be a long and difficult journey.