Ban Windows 8, is this the first step?

China has for a little while ago Ban Windows 8 in all public institutions. This is partly because of fear for the American surveillance, implicitly through the American software, and concerns about Microsoft’s monopoly.

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports that a new Chinese operating systems. Are being developed and could be ready as early as October.

The new operating system will first come in a version for client computers, and then to smartphones.

There is no published information about its name or what it looks like technically. It is probably based on Linux.

The work on the new operating system led by Ni Guangnan the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Who says there are more than a dozen different mobile operating in China that are not coordinated. Their creator has no copyright because their work is based on Android.

The key to success lies in an environment that can help us compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft, says Ni Guangnan who hopes to project in the future will be run by the Chinese government.

He hopes that the new operating system could replace foreign systems within one to two years, and that it will spread to smartphones within three to five years.