Are you one of many that use to do the Peace sign?

Your fingerprint can now be taken from a picture taken with a standard digital camera. Japanese researchers have managed to copy a person’s fingerprint from a photo with a peace sign from a person.

The researchers mean that is not something that people should be to worry about today. But as the cameras are becoming more and more advanced, this will be a problem.

But even today, you should be careful. According to the research team, the team did not use any advanced digital camera for the test. The research group managed to get the fingerprints by focusing solely on a person’s fingers in the sharp light from only three meters.

Peace sign, also known as the V-sign, is a favourite finger gesture that has been around since the Second World War. Many use this sign on simple routine, e.g., when they are posing for a photo. But just that image with the peace sign can create big problems for you in the future.

So is this a problem?

Yes, it is. Many security experts mean and think that the login we use today, with username and password will disappear. And many mobiles today, already use fingerprints to log in.

So this may very well be the end of biometric fingerprint security authentication. When we have username and password, we can at least change the password. But with a copied fingerprint is not much you can do.

So will this be the end to show the peace sign in the future?

Don’t worry If you are one of those who does not know what to do with your hands at the photo moment?. Don’t worry, the Japanese researchers, are currently developing a thin film that can be put on the fingers to avoid fingerprint copy,