Lots of people do not understand what Admin Access can do…

When it comes to safety on a server, its not difficult, there is really only 3 simple rules for people with Admin Access.

Have a “real” password, change regularly and, most important of all, never give administrator access to users that do not need it.

This is also what a study by security company Avecto says. That the risk of attacks and malware drops as fewer user that’s have access to administrator privileges.

Administrators include the right to change other people’s accounts, and to install, manage and delete applications, files and network settings.

Hackers who manage to install software on computers has generally managed to acquire the same administrative rights as the affected user.

Survey also shows that by restricting users’ rights to only default permissions when no additional permissions needed, greatly reduces the risk of malware.

Hackers that create access to default accounts in the companies must find ways to expand their privileges , which is difficult.

Therefor, its fewer user/password to hack, and if a hackers get access to default accounts on the server, then he must find ways to expand his privileges, which is very difficult.