Canon & Nikon, The Two Outstanding Camera Brands on the Market Today

The popularity of smartphones has brought change in the photography industry. Nonetheless, this has not affected the importance of compact cameras. Smartphone captions can be fantastic, but if you need quality and versatility, DSLR cameras are the choice to go width, and the biggest and most truseted on the market today is Canon & Nikon.

However, the market today has numerous camera brands, models, and types. Ironically, all the camera brands on the market promise high quality and incredible captions. That makes it hard to choose the best camera. Nevertheless, two camera brands will never disappoint us.

Canon & Nikon are excellent options, and they have been on the market long enough to develop camera models that meet every need of a photographer. They are great for both amateurs and professionals. Below are some of the reasons why these two brands stand out in the industry.


One common thing about these two brands is that they offer full frame and cropped sensor cameras. Additionally, both of them deliver amazing results. Nevertheless, there are some differences in the sensors of the two brands.

Nikon models feature a different sensor design from that of Canon. This is in the sense that Nikon cameras have done away with the optical low pass filter, which most DSLR models feature. Nikon has managed to eliminate this feature without causing any abnormality to the image. Consequently, this makes Nikon cameras perfect for use in low light scenarios.

Canon cameras, on the other hand, have optical filters but the brand has dedicated a lot of effort to enhance their megapixels. Canon has models which can deliver massive 50-megapixel images. More megapixels translates to larger prints. Nonetheless, despite the differences in the sensors of these two brands, their cropped sensor cameras provide very similar ratios. Nikon has a crop factor of x1.5 while Canon has a crop factor of x1.6.


Since long ago, Canon has delivered the best videos in the photography industry. This is due to their improved sets of lenses and autofocus tracking capability that they specifically made for video shooting. Nikon, on the other hand, has significantly enhanced their DSLR video capabilities of late models. This means that their models are also shooting breath-taking, high-quality videos. There are Nikon cameras that deliver higher fps options in HD at a very competitive price.

Autofocus and lenses

Canon and Nikon are the leading brands in photography industry when it comes to the number of lenses that they can offer. Both of these brands provide a variety of lenses at various prices. Moreover, both of them provide accurate and high-speed autofocus.

Other great qualities that make Canon & Nikon outstanding brands include;

  • Battery life
  • Frames per second
  • Customer support

If you are wondering which is better, Canon vs. Nikon, there is no ultimate winner. Both brands make exceptional models of all purposes and prices. Therefore, if you want to choose one of them, all you need is to consider your use. Once you compare their specifications, you will manage to select the one that best matches your lifestyle, need and taste.