Will we need a 10TB Hard Drive?

We have come long way when it comes to the size of our hard drives. Seagate may soon come with a 10TB Hard Drive.

My first computer (33 years ago) had a hard drive on 128mb, that’s 0.000128 TB, and next one out from Seagate could be on 10TB

The question is if you dare to use a hard drive on 10TB, that’s a scary to think… A full, or even a half-full hard drive of that size, crashes.

Today’s there are sizes up to 6TB available and if you believe Seagate CEO Steve Luczo, there will soon be drives of TB.

The technology behind the increase in size is at this moment unknown, but there is talk that Seagate has come so far in its development of HAMR technology that can now be used in the manufacture of up to 10 TB. HAMR stands for “heat -assisted magnetic recording” and will reportedly offer hard drive sizes up to a full 20 TB.