Until you take a look at the masterpiece BlackBerry Key2, you should not dismiss physical keyboards. Last year, TCL released BlackBerry Key1, and as surprising good the device was, there were lots of improvements required to make the phone competitive on the market today. With the new BlackBerry Key2, BlackBerry is now back to business. Their latest release is the ideal and refined successor to the Key1 model. The device has impressive features, and TCL could not have made it any better. Some of the changes that you will love include the following;

  • Beautiful and sophisticated design
  • Amazing display
  • Incredible keyboard
  • Longer battery life
  • Speedy performance
  • Numerous security and privacy-focused features

From the features mentioned above, you can be sure that BlackBerry Key2 is oozing elegance, the model is also thinner, and you notice that it is more angular with chamfered edges. This implies that the device will offer you a firm grip when handheld. Additionally, the phone comes with a utilitarian design that gets rid of any unnecessary fluff from the face of the device.
All the same, despite all these advancements TCL needs to take various actions to ensure that this sophisticated new model will place BlackBerry back to its previous market position, where it was a must-have in case you wanted to make a statement. Below are the three things that TCL should do to make the new release a success.

Convince the tech buying public that there is life in BlackBerry Key2

TCL needs to reassure the public that there is still something interesting about the brand. So far, they are doing a fantastic job by releasing a steady stream of gadgets under the brand ‘BlackBerry’. However, to the general public, this brand seems to have gone extinct, and this is one thing that TCL should work hard to disapprove.

This could be achieved if they focus on a specific market and not the general public. Productive and security-conscious users will profoundly boost the sales of BlackBerrry Key2 model as it is a smaller niche where the blackberry Marque still got a voice, unlike in general public where the days when the brand commanded the lion’s share are long gone.

Convince people that there is value in physical keyboards

TCL is so far doing a great job to improve the basic ideas that were used by BlackBerry to make the brand one of the most coveted some years ago. The company has enhanced the capacitive scrolling of BlackBerry Passport with innovations such as the speedy key. This way, the physical keyboard creates an impression that it isn’t a retro throwback explicitly made for people who are unable to move on. The BlackBerry Key2 device features an incredible physical keyboard that offers accurate and comfortable typing. This way, the keyboard provides a tactile typing experience which everyone should be tempted to try out.

Offer value for the $649 BlackBerry Key2 price tag

For TCL to make more sales than the ones they made with BlackBerry Key1, they must convince the public that this new model is worth the investment. $649 is not cheap but if they can convince buyers that it is worth every coin of the investment, this price is less expensive than the same level of Apple, Samsung and Huawei models.

BlackBerry Key 2 might be the phone that brings back the brand into the limelight of the smartphone market. With their current broad move to open retail stores, this might be a catalyst that will propel the brand to final success.