Apple has just sold its 500 millionth units of their popular iPhones – not bad considering that many analysts ruled out Apples cell phone when it was launched.

2007 Apple surprised all by starting with selling their own phone. Lots of people thiught this was doomed because the competition and Nokia large dominance.

The former Apple CEO , Steve Jobs, set a sales target. The first full year (2008), should 10 million copies of iPhone been sold.

In the beginning the sale very slowly for Apple, and many pointed out that Nokia sold more mobils in one week than what Apple did in a quarter. But Steve Jobes got right in 2008, 13.7 million iPhones was sold.

Fun facts in the var between iPhone Vs . Nokia, its that now is reversal roles, the last quarter of 2013, Apple sold more iPhones than Nokia sold Lumias – at all.

The sales curve for the iPhone started slow, but quite quick its steady increased. It took nearly four years before Apple had sold the first 100 million, 200 million was reached the following year (February 2012 ), just before the turn of the year 2012/2013 Apple had sold 300 million and 400 million was reached in July 2013. And now Apple reached 500 million units sold.

Sales of iPhone 5C is by Apple standard, a flop – but the accelerated sales curve still continue.