Google increasing the Attachment size in their email client.

Google was one of the first that had an Attachment size of 10 MB. At that time there was some that thought that this size will be enough for a long time.

Well, we all know that that’s not the case. Everything goes more and more digital, and in many cases, all files get bigger and bigger.

Gmail also did increase the Attachment size to 25 MB shortly after they had 10 MB size. And now Google have done it again. The new Attachment size implant to all Gmail users took three days and is now 50 MB.

Is it enough?

No is not but is a good start. Today we are using the internet for almost everything. And we share more and more things with each other. And 50 MB are simply not enough in many cases.

For one example if we are looking at photos. Many of today’s cameras save photos in bigger sizes than 10 MB. So 50 MB are not enough if you will send 4 or 5 photos.

If we know that the size is not sufficient, then Google must also know it. Yes, they do, but is more than one factor why Gmail don’t get one Attachment size on, e.g. 100 MB.

The first reason and probably the most important is the traffic. Many users use Gmail, and if everybody has access to send big file/s, it would have an enormous impact on Googles servers.

The other, maybe not that obversely reason is that Gmail doesn’t have unlimited space. And when the users get their inbox full there will be complaining about that. People expect to be free, even if it’s never are (read my article WhatsApp is not for free, did anybody thought so?)

But space should not be any problem for users. If your inbox would be full, and there is nothing you can delete. Many email suppliers offer extra space for a small cost. I use Google and are paying for my mail as Google Apps account. If you are only engaging in more space, it’s 20€/year, for 100 GB and 100€/year for 1TB.

So what if you need to send files over the limit for your mail client?

It is not any problem, but you can send them thru your email. You need to use a something like WeTransfer or SendBigFile to name some. Almost all of this services allow you to send up to 1 GB for free. And with a small cost, the file size can be much bigger.

All these sites are a third part service. And in working in following way, that you upload the file and they give you a download link that you can share. Then this link needs to be used in a couple of days, on the free service. And if you have a paid service the time for the link to be active is significant longer.