It has been lots of  rumor’s that Apple will come out with a new “bigger” version of their iPad. But so far, we haven’t seen any big iPad – and according to new reports, we need to wait for this.

Many people that “think” the know have said that this is the yeart when we will see computer/surf -pads will be the big trend. Samsung has already launched two products with screen of 12.2 – inch and Sharp has shown their good-sized 15.6- inch. But so far, Apple has not gone beyond rumors.

Now we have new rumors, claiming that Apple will launch a big iPad – but we will have to wait for it.

“Samsung’s launch of their 12.2 -inch model will likely force Apple to accelerate its development. Market sources indicate that Apple is likely to release a 12.9 -inch model but not before the end of the third quarter this year.

Apple is still the bes selling when it comes to pad’s, closley followed of Samsung, and according to reports will will continue on the top, even this year. Apple is expected to sell 80-90 million and Samsung 60-70 million in 2014. Furthermore, its stated that Samsung will continues with their strategy to launch cheaper “Galaxy Lite” models.