Then there are company with no support at all!!!

Is there lots of unserious company on the web? And this is often shown in bad support, and this existing in all areas. But anyway, all sites offer fantastic support, 24/7, quick respond and only professional staff on their sites, and in there’s FAQ

And one of the internet company, that would fall under the class, “One of the worst” is ThemePacific.

I have bought the theme I use on this site from them, the theme call BresponZive Mag Pro, and was the closest one to what I was aiming for when I should update this web site.

But how good the theme is, there are always some changes you want to do. Apart from some CSS changes, I would like to take of one of the tabs on one of the widgets.

I have make changes like this before, but as I have paid for this theme, I include this in the mail for my request of an invoice for the theme I bought.

I did not request them to sort it, I ask polite if they could help me, or pointed me in right direction, but whiteout any luck.

Two days after I sent the second mail, I gave up, went in to the theme, found the file and deleted the line, made two changes to the CSS and it was done.

The worst is not that they don’t answer me…

But that they don’t come back to me on requested invoice, and now I have sent 3 mail to them, and they have not answer any of them, and before anybody say to me, check your bin… I’m one of this nerds that check the bin every 2-3 days.

But I thought, before I gave up, I should find them on Facebook and see if I can come thru to them there.

But I did not even post my question there. After seen many comments from other people, complaining about they have not get answer on their mail, not even on questions on the theme can do this or that before they bought it.

This is sad, because their theme seems to be good, the theme have a good price, and at least the theme I have bought, have very well written code.

The theme I use on this site is BresponZive Mag Pro, of this theme they have a free version. One of the differences is that you have access to support, I can only say, do not buy it for this, because any support does not exist. Click here for the the Free or Pro version