Is one rule when you do an Email camping, if you can’t do it right don’t do it at all.

Email camping is still one of the most valuable solutions when it comes to a company’s marketing. Many people don’t even open this mail, but it goes out to many subscribers with a couple of clicks, and you will always get some that read it.

For the company, I work for I sending between 10-12 campaign every month. And of course, there can be a mistake. But before I even get the content it has pass two people that have proof read it. Then after that, the mail needs to be approved by another two before it will be sent.

So what is a bad email campaign?

First, and one of the most important things is people that do email that not prepared for mobiles. Today more and more people read their emails on mobile. And today it’s unforgivable to do anything on the web that doesn’t are mobile friendly.

Second, to have a mail with broken links. There is nothing that is more annoying then when you have taken an interest in the mail, you click on a link and get 404 error (page not found). The idea of this article was an email I got for some days ago. The mail has collected excerpts of articles, and of 12 articles, ten was broken links.

Third and last, you simply have bad content. Or the mail is bad written. With mail in this category, you will lose subscribers very quick.

So what is a good Email camping?

As I wrote above, mobile friendly, working links and content that are interesting for your subscribers. Apart from this, you simply need to split testing.

Split testing: when you are sending out two or more versions of your mail to see which one give best results.

You can also create mail after how your mail have performed by checking stats. But any email marketer would always recommend split testing.

Subjects, images and other things.

The subject is by far the most important; this is the first thing your subscribers see. Also, have in mind that many email clients only see the subject to start with. So it’s critical to get them so interesting that the open the mail.

When it comes to images in your email, you have different opinions if it’s should or should not have. But with images never forget to add text to the image (alt=”text”) for those that open mail in text mode instead of HTML mood.

Remember: email are displayed differently in different email clients. Therefore I always recommend that you check your mail first.

I use a service that calls Litmus. With this, you can add the HTML and then it shows how the email will display on mobile, tablets and desktops for each mail client.