Not all WordPress user know what Audit Trail is!!!

I have Audit Trail installed on all WordPress site I use and on all sites I have done for clients, and I would say that this is a “must have” for all.

Audit Trail is a plugin that keep track on what’s happen on your site. There are many different plugins to be found, both free ones and Pro ones.

And a part from see who have added or updated post and pages, it’s also keep track on plugin & WordPress updates, and this is important logins and failed logins.

So why are this so important?

I you run a blog with multiple users, or a WordPress MultiUser blog, it will always be handy, see what each person have done, in updating any settings on the blog or any content.

When it comes to security, there is another big reason to use Audit Trail. With this, you can keep control on failed logins, and that’s something that can be valuable, as the IP and username used will be logged

So how is this working?

You can track all user, or some, but I can not see any meaning why you should not include all, this should not be used, to pointed finger at anybody. It should be used to see what have happen, so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

When once install you will have a place where you can see all activities, and this is something that’s normally also can be set, for time, or amount of tracks you want to keep.


In most cases a free plugin will be enough, but depending on what control you are looking for, and to be fair, plugin is normally a cheap investment and when it comes to security and any changes on your website, it can very well spent money.

Go to and use search terms “Audit Trail” or “Audit log” and you will find many different, all free, and of this ones, many have pro-version that you can update to if you feel that you need that.