Arsenal has artificial intelligence capabilities that unlock the maximum potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Do you want to improve your camera captions?
Well…. Here is the smart camera assistant using Artificial Intelligence for the next generation.

With this modern gadget, you will always capture the sweet spot, take sharper captions, shoot amazing photos in tricky light situations and capture a long exposure to other things.

So is Arsenal Camera Assistant for everyone

Yes and no. Many professional will probably never use this gadget. I personally think this is only stupid thinking. I agree that Arsenal may not be practical for all kind of photos. But if you have a tool that makes your work easier, why not use it?

But for anybody “amateur” photographer, this is almost a must. With this gadget use in the right way is guaranteed to give you better shoots to show

artificial intelligence Arsenal

Below are some of the features that make this product unique and modern.

Wireless control

Arsenal, allows you to control your camera from as far as 100 feet away. This smart assistant app sets the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. With it, you will manage to see a live preview and trigger the shutter from your camera. For now, there is a mobile app for Android and iOS. But the company say that there is a plan to have an app for Android and iPad tablets ready in June/July.

Shoots a perfect shot

This device is trained with thousands of professional photos. As a result, it determines the optimal settings of your scene and fine tunes it. To activate Arsenal, you will just need a single tap.

Takes sharper photos

The artificial intelligence capabilities of this smart assistant customize the camera settings. This is based on the camera and lens that you are using, together with how they shoot in various scenarios. This means that if your lens is weaker at particular apertures, Arsenal adjusts settings to avoid the lens weaknesses. Additionally, the accelerometer of the Smart Assistant judges the stability of your camera. Consequently, it selects the ideal shutter speed to obtain sharp captions without noise.

Smart preview

Tablets and phones feature two times the brightness and three times the resolution of a camera’s rear screen. Arsenal, on the other hand, provides a higher resolution live view on your phone through the Arsenal app. This makes it simpler to compose a shot. Three things that enhance the smart preview of the smart assistant are the focus, grid, and peaking.

Easy Stacking

Stacking is one of the secrets used by real estate and landscape professionals. It is the caption of multiple photos and then merging them all. This is done to capture any lost details in a single exposure. Arsenal with its artificial intelligence makes this easy. It helps you capture the optimal amount of photos at the appropriate settings, then merge all captions to a new JPG or RAW file. The resultant file is seamless, and it is written back to camera SD card.

Artificial Intelligence arsenal

Incredible shots in tricky light

Despite the modern high dynamic range cameras, losing details is still very common. Details are lost in shadows and highlights. However, the technology that comes with Arsenal automatically detects any lost details. As a result, it captures multiple captions at various shutter speeds to avoid any missed details. After this it merges all the captions, making an incredible shot regardless of the lighting.

Instant sharing

Arsenal allows you to share your captions instantly to social media without the need for computer review. The full resolution captions can be shared on Facebook and Instagram through Arsenal app on your phone.

The above is just a mention of part of what Arsenal can do for you when shooting photos. There are still some few devices (as today) left for a reduced 30% price before it main released on the market in March/April 2018. But they are going quick so get yours today.

This smart camera assistant is undoubtedly the epitome of valuable and professional captions.

Never again shoot substandard photos upon the release of this modern day smart assistant on the market.

To read more about Arsenal, you can visit its official website here.