Siri will help us when we use our phones

It will soon be much easier to search for photographs on your iPhone or iPad with Siri.

Apple seems to have big plans to improve the voice-activated assistant Siri, at least judging from a recently published patent application known as the “Voice -Based Image Tagging and Searching”.

It will work as follow… User tag their photos by simply saying what they represent. For example, you say “this is me on the beach” and then the picture is tagged with your name and the word “beach”. And then when you should seek on all the pictures of you on the beach , just tell Siri to display pictures of you on the beach.

The number of Apple patent application is 20130346068 and was submitted to the U.S. Patent Office on March 13, but was only disclosed on Thursday the 26:th of December.

Thera are two inventors to this, one is the Swedish mathematics professor Jan Erik Solem, founder of the company “Polar Rose” that was bought of Apple this year to a prize off $29 million. The other inventor is Thijs Willem Stalenhoef from California.

There is not any date or on wish version of iOS it will be available.