Apple has announced that the company is going to stop using Qualcomm cellular modems in the forthcoming iPhone.

Well…. You might not care because you do not know how this is going to affect you personally. This decision by Apple is not just another management decision because it will have a significant impact on the mobile users. Therefore, what does it mean to you and why should you care?

Once this decision is executed, the next iPhone will probably be slower than what you are used to. The LTE data speeds of the forthcoming iPhone may not be in a position to compete with future Android phones to be exact.

Currently, the iPhone maker uses modems from both Intel and Qualcomm. If therefore, your iPhone operates on CDMA network, either Sprint or Verizon, your device features a Qualcomm modem. However, in case your device runs on a GSM network, either AT&T OR T-Mobile. Your device’s LTE comes with a modem from Intel.

With Apple’s decision to solely rely on Intel’s modems. The LTE data speed will be affected negatively, impacting the user experience. Because Intel’s modems are fast, but not as compared to those from Qualcomm.
This is not speculation because studies have been conducted to test the hypothesis. Ookla study concluded that Intel modems are inferior when compared to Qualcomm modems.


There have been varius studies to prove this. One study was carried out with Qualcomm X20 LTE modem placed in AT&T devices and Intel modems placed in iPhones. The download speed of Qualcomm modems in AT&T devices was up to 64 per cent faster as compared to the Intel modems in iPhone devices. A similar study was carried out on T-Mobile devices with Qualcomm modems. The devices were up to 68 per cent faster in download speed as compared to iPhone devices with Intel modems.

Therefore, it is a considerable risk that the iPhone maker has taken to dump Qualcomm and solely buy modems from any other company. Mainly, this is because currently, Qualcomm modems are the fastest. Therefore, unless, another company develops modems that exceed Qualcomm’s speed, Apple will suffer from this decision.

iPhone users are hugely the ones who will feel the heat of the decision by suffering the impacts of this move. For Intel or any other modem maker company that Apple is potentially considering, this is a huge win. Hopefully, these companies will develop modems faster than Qualcomm to bridge the performance gap. Otherwise, iPhone users will lose the most as they will have no option but to settle for 2nd or 3rd fastest modems. Therefore, as an iPhone user, this is why you should care and have your fingers crossed, just hoping for the best.