Two times in 6 months, and not impressed with Apple Support

Apple is one of the biggest tech company, if not THE biggest one, but Apple support is not one of the best. When people hear support, they assume it is always some technical questions. But for it has been sale support both times.

I live in Spain but 99 per cent of the time I write in Swedish or English, and therefore I want a Swedish keyboard. And it has been shown that if you are on Mac that is not the easiest.

The first time was for 5-6 months ago. Needed to buy a new keyboard for my Mac (iMac) and in the Spanish Apple store, there were no Swedish keyboards.

I contacted Apple Support Sweden, explained my problem and wonder what it would cost extra in shipping costs to get it sent to Spain. In the end, I was forced to send money to a person; he bought it, then send it to me.

For some days ago I bought the new iPad Pro and thought I should invest in a Smart Keyboard Folio, but of course, I wanted in Swedish. Again I got the same answer, that it can not be resolved. When I comment that year 2019, and a company like Apple can’t solve simple things like this, is not only wrong, it’s also scary. Instead of answer on this comment, she put down the phone.

So it Apple supports fault?

Well, a support person that put down the phone on a customer is never a good sign of the support. But apart from that, is of course not the support staffs fault.

But that is not an excuse, and we are still talking about one of the biggest company in the world. And that there’s is not any way for Apple to send a keyboard from one country to another is merely bad.

We are in the year 2019, and I also offer to pay more in shipping if that was necessary. I can understand that this could be too messy for one client. But these days I can with 100% sure say that I’m not the only one that lives aboard and need to buy something.