A free Apple Pages is often more than enough.

The software that comes with Mac has been one of the OS big advantages. In addition to getting Mac OS, you also get many programs that are so good that you do not have to buy some afterwards. One of this is the Word Processor, Apple Pages.

When it comes to word processor, Microsoft Word have been untreated number one on the market for many years. And that in mind it has compete with many free options, both for Mac and Windows.

So how good is Apple Pages.

We need to have one thing in mind before we start on this. Apple has always had a different design philosophies then Microsoft. And this is something we can see in Apple Pages.

Another things is that it depending how you use pages or words. For users that utilize all the power in both programs would simple say that is two different kind of software.

One advantage with Apple Pages is that you can easy get a document with images to look really professional. While this is something that are very complicated in Microsoft Word.

Pages included templates are pretty good as they are and can be easily customized. Text boxes are easy to place and works well with normal text.

So what about Microsoft Word.

When it comes to word processing, Microsoft is by far the most advance one. It has a very well supported for automation, can handle large document and you can create automatic tables of contents, footnotes… And much more.

So Microsoft is still the best word processor if you compare between the two. But is also much more complicated. With all the different functions it make it difficult to find what you actually need for your document.

So what should I go for?

First… If you don’t are a Mac user, I always recommend you to buy Microsoft Office. And is not that expensive any longer. If you go for the subscription module, 365 Family (whole Microsoft office suite) then you pay $125/year. It can then be installed on 5 computer, 5 tablets and 5 mobiles.

If you are a Mac user, and you use your word processor for small documents, well then save your money and use Apple Pages.