Apple have an reputation that they never break their principles.

But according the roomers, this could actually be changed with next iPad models, which are presented next week… Apple are expects to do the unexpected: A tablet – with dual operating systems.

Apple has sent an invitation to an event with the headline: “It’s been way too long”. The date is set for 16 October, and most agree that they are new iPad models will be shown.

And everybody is now talking about, if they will violating one of their hardest principles. One of the biggest roomers is that the new iPad Pro, will have a giant screen at 12.9 inches. But it’s not the size that is the biggest discusses.

According to the site Digitimes, will Apple show two versions of the iPad Pro – and in one of the models the company uses two operating systems, iOS and Mac OS. The latter is the operating system used in Apples laptops and desktops computers, while others are available in tablets and mobile phones.

Apple has previously said that they will never integrate iOS with Mac OS and in January this year, Phil Schiller denied that the company have any plans like to do this. It would be a waste of time was his words.

If Apple releases one iPad hyrbriden with duplicated OS, it would not be the first time they violate their principles. Earlier they said that they will never release a small iPad or larger iPhone. And now there are both big iPhones and a mini iPad on the market…  On October 16, we will know if the rumors are true.