YES.. All system can get Virus, and that include Apple computers.

I was reading an article in a Swedish IT-magazine today about virus attacks on Apple machines. And I could not help, but I was smiling, as they say, “malicious joy is the only true joy.”

Not that I have anything against Appel, im self a proud owner of one iPad and up til 2 months ago I was using iPhone, and have done for almost 4 years.

But I had a discussion with a close IT friend a year ago, which made very clear to me that linux and Appel as he runs, will NEVER have a virus attack.

Self I run Linux and Windows, and Windows has these problems, we all know that. But I also mean that any system can be hacked, and I also said I do not think it takes a long time before we have a virus for Appel machines because of the increased popularity.

The discussion ended up, more or less, that I was a compleat idiot when it came to security. In the last 6 month it have happen a lot….

In September last year Linux Foundation shout down Several of the ITS sites, Including, after Discovering suspicious activity on the ITS servers. That Appear to Be related to the Trojan that was found on, and later, the same year a virus attack against Apple machines was a fact.

We are still very good friends, but he would not discuss the safety of his machines with me anymore