Have the worm Selfmite come to stay?

A new version of the Android worm, Selfmite are sending malicious text messages, and according to security researchers it has begun to spread rapidly.

Already in June was Selfmite discovered for the first time. Thanks to quick action by security researchers were the spread relatively low and it disappeared shortly.

The first version of the worm was spread by secretly sending text messages to the first 20 people on a person’s contact list. Text messages contained links to malicious apps.

The new version, which was discovered by security researchers have recently been named Selfmite.b and use a more aggressive method to spread. Now the worm sends malicious SMS messages to all on a user’s contact list, and it also makes it repeatedly.

According to measurements so has Selfmite.b sent over 150,000 text messages during the last ten days from approximately 100 infected units. It is a hundred times more traffic compared to the first mask. For those who pay per SMS, can 1500 sent messages quickly become an expensive business.

When the first version of Selfmite began to spread last summer, it was limited to North America. But now Selfmite.b has already been detected in at least 16 different countries.

Another problem with the new version is that it can be remotely controlled by the creators, so that its behavior may change, and with that its becoming harder to stop.

I’ve said it before and will say it again… Never Click on links you do not recognize.

As standard on Android system. It always sells with a block on installing apps if its not coming from Google Play. So if you have not changed the setting, you dont need to be worry, the malicious app will not install even if you click on a malicious link.