Source code for Google’s Android operating system Honeycomb is available

Computer manufacturer Asus is the company that have uploaded the source code Android Honeycomb, even before Google itself.

Asus has recently launched their new pad, Transformer, and when it made the the source code the Honeycombs kernel available.
On their site, they say that is version V8.2.2.6 and the file is a 97 megabyte zip file. The entire code for Android 3.0, you will not get, but probably enough to interest developer to start developing for other devices than Transformer.

Asus haven’t done anything wrong, they simply followed the rules under the GNU General Public License (GPL), there it actually says that the source code of a product must comply with or be made available.

Google itself has not released the code and the have even delayed the delivery of the operating system to developers. The only thing thatis been around software development kit for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, that has been available since late February.

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