Have you heard of the new Android release – Android 9 Pie?

Android 9 Pie is the latest release by Android. The update is available but only to selected few. For others, it will just take you some patience to have this update in your phones. In case you are using Essential Phone, Pixel 2 or Pixel, you should be having this update already because it is available for these devices.

Even if it sucks, other devices will have the update by the end of this year. Nonetheless, a date for official release is yet to be set, and this is up to the device developer. Here are some of the features that come with Android 9 Pie and a brief on how they work.

Gesture-based navigation

This feature was first introduced on the market by iPhone X. The feature is interesting as the user uses gesture to navigate the software. To be sure that the element was a success, Android has followed suit and adopted the feature. You will be free to enjoy the feature on the Android 9 Pie.

However, there are some differences on the new release because the familiar home, recent apps and back button are not there on Pie. Replacing their place is the little pill-shaped bar or home button. How this gesture bar operates is close to how the iPhone X gesture bar operates, though not entirely. Here is a breakdown of how it behaves on Pie.

  • To go back to the home screen: tap on the bar
  • To flip through open application: swipe right from gesture bar and hold it down while swiping right and left
  • To see open apps: short swipe up towards the middle of the screen
  • To launch the app drawer: long swipe upwards to the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can pull up from the bottom after a brief swipe
  • To return to previous open apps: swipe right from gesture bar
  • To launch Google assistant: long press the gesture bar
  • The back button: it is next to the home button when an app is open

Gesture navigation can be smooth or be challenging depending on who is using it. Therefore, if you feel it is making your life harder, you can choose to go back to on-screen navigation buttons. The gesture navigation on Android 9 has little benefit and does not make any difference using it or the on-screen buttons.

The additional dose of Al

Android 9 Pie can now boast of a healthy dose of Al in most of its apps. First of all, you can use it with the Adaptive brightness setting. His implies that this feature can automatically set the brightness of your phone depending on the environment.

For instance, if for every night you lower the intensity at a particular time, say 2300hours, Pie will always adjust your phone’s brightness at this time for you. That’s pretty cool, right?

The Adaptive battery feature on Pie learns which apps you use most. Then it prioritises them for the sake of conserving power.

Additionally, Android 9 Pie comes with the ‘App Actions’ feature, which plays the role of shortcut buttons. This feature uses Al to foretell your next move. For instance, plugging your headphones makes Pie display your recent playlist. Awesome, right?

For those who do not have Essential phone, Pixel or Pixel 2, it is not a total loss for you that you cannot update this release right away. This is because the best features of this update are yet to surface. Therefore, as you eagerly wait for the end of the year when the release will be available to everyone with the Android OS, the developer will have improved various bits that need more perfection.

This is just a hint of what Android 9 Pie has to offer, more of it is yet to be experienced.