Backup is this something we need to take seriously.

Unfortunately, many people ignore it, entirely or partly. And many time it must come to a big unreplaceable loss before people start doing a backup on their things.

Today we are almost entirely digital, and that have many benefits. But not everything is good with our digital information. There are also disadvantages that create more work and in many cases extra cost for us.

We all remember, at least we little older. When we had all information, we needed on paper and all phone numbers and addresses in a book. The paper or the block was on our desk and the phonebook with name, phone number and addresses besides the Telefon.

The only problem we have then, apart from not spilling coffee on the book. Was to find the information when we needed it. But everything was not better before.

Always backup your information.

All company with some self-respect always have a backup of their information, as this in many times are A and O to survival. But for the home user, it’s worse.

Many of us have lost unreplaced photos, document or any other information in lost phone or a hard disk crash. For many of us, it’s happened once, and we learn the lesson. But there are some that never learn.

On computer.

If you are on a Mac and don’t backup. Then you are simply stupid. Because Mac already has a built in a well-working backup system call Time Machine. Today you can buy one external hard disk for almost nothing, and that is all you need.

Time Machine on Mac is easy to set up and working correctly. Once done, you don’t need to bother anymore as everything works in the background.

When it comes to Windows, there are a lot of different systems. You need to find a one that works for you. It’s not necessary that you back up everything. Some system makes a mirror of your disk. It’s good if you want to restore your system quick.

I personally only back up my files, When you disk going, it may be time to rebuild everything from scratch anyway.

But is not only your computer you need to make a backup.

On phone.

Today we have a big part of our lives on our phones. And even if the phone normally don’t get old enough to have any problem with crash storage space. We lose them, break them, or they get stolen.

You should follow the same princip when it comes to backup your phone. Always backup your contacts, addresses, photos and any documents.

So, find a way that suits you to backup your computer and on your phone or/and tablet. Before it’s to late.