Nikkor lenses reach a milestone.

A few weeks ago Canon celebrated the production of the 60th millionth EF lens. Now have Nikon also claimed that it has manufactured its 60th millionth lens in their Nikkor series.

1959 Nikon released their first Nikon F, and in same time they launch the first changeable lens. One of the first lens was a Nikkor-S Auto 5cm f/2.

In August 2010, Nikon had produced a total of 55 million lenses, and less then one year, have Nikon launched 6 new objectivs in their FX and DX-serie. Together with this lenses have they produce 5miljon lenses and have now reach 60 million lenses.

The name occurred by the letter R is added after the word Nikko, which is an abbreviation of Nippon Kogaku KK

Today, Nikon have more than sixty different lenses in their range.