3TB hard drive is nothing for Windows XP.

Computers with Windows XP or older versions of the BIOS can not exploit the full capabilities of newer 3TB hard drive of storage.

This causes a major problem for the future, with a growing sizes of hard drives. Company like Seagate and Western Digital are now rising to 3TB for the harddiscs.

But against my common sense, so are many still working to satisfy a more than 10 years old OS.

Seagate has recently announced a hard drive with 3TB of storage with a specially designed software that does that include Windows XP can take advantage of the full capacity. “Seagate Disc Wizard” are the software called.

Seagate Barracuda XT have six disces and spins at 7200 rpm.
Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB have five discs and spins at 5400 rpm.